PayMaya Checkout Overview
Posted by Diwa del Mundo, Jonathan Francisco, John Lawrence Poklay, Josh Bolanos, Brian Jefferson Tan, Francis Gerard Gonzales • Monday October 14, 2019 10:22 AM



Checkout Flow

How to Integrate





PayMaya Checkout enables your business to accept and process credit card and debit card payments. We provide a suite of APIs that allows you to easily integrate with our payment platform, providing your customers a secured and hassle-free checkout experience. You can sit back, relax, and focus on your core business as we handle payments processing for you.


Simple Integration

Integrating with us only requires minimal setup on your side. All you need is an API key and a little bit of coding.


Mobile Optimized

PayMaya Checkout is designed to be mobile responsive and user-friendly. Your customers can view it without rendering issues, whatever device they may have. Our payment page supports optimal displays on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.


Webhook Support

PayMaya Checkout supports real-time notification on the status of your customers’ checkout transactions.


Payment Receipt Capability

PayMaya Checkout automatically sends out a payment receipt after a successful payment transaction, both to the merchant and the customer.

Note: Email option is required on your account for this capability.

3-D Secure Support (MasterCard SecureCode / Verified by Visa)

Customer identity is verified before payment processing, ensuring security and preventing fraud transactions.


Secured Checkout

Customer information is never compromised as data transmission is encrypted using industry standard Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security (SSL / TLS).


Checkout Flow


Upon cart checkout from the merchant's site, the customer is redirected to PayMaya's payment page wherein they input their card details as follows:


First Screen

  • Card Number
  • Card Expiry
  • CVV/CVV2


Second Screen

  • Customer's Name
  • Billing Information


If the card used is 3-D Secure-enabled, the customer will be redirected to the card issuer’s page for further verification. Once authenticated, PayMaya will process the payment and redirect the customer back to the merchant's site.


Checkout Flow

Figure 1 - Checkout API Flow from Merchant's Backend to Customer


How to Integrate


There are 3 steps to integrate PayMaya Checkout to your web or mobile application: integration to sandbox environment, certification, and promotion to production.


1. Integration to the Checkout API sandbox/testing environment


Integration involves programming your application to communicate with the Checkout API, displaying the Checkout URL, and handling payment results. The Checkout API specifications are available here. The page has an API console that is pre-configured with a sandbox API key. You can request for the Checkout page directly from the API console.


Test your integration by creating transactions using test credit card numbers. MasterCard and VISA test credit card numbers are available in this document.


2. Certification


To fully validate your integration, your applications must use your own sandbox API key when doing transactions with Checkout API. You can contact us anytime during your sandbox integration to request for your sandbox API keys.


PayMaya will ask you to perform simple transactions with your provisioned API keys. Once successfully completed, PayMaya will certify your application's integration with Checkout API.


3. Promotion to Production


Once you are fully certified, you can request access to the Checkout API production environment. We will require documentation of your business, such as business registration. Upon verification, you will be given your production API key. Change your application's PayMaya Checkout API key configuration from sandbox to production to start accepting live payments.



If you have other inquiries or clarification, you can visit our FAQs page or contact us.