PayMaya Checkout WooCommerce Plugin v1.5.5 Release
Posted by Diwa del Mundo, Francis Gerard Gonzales • Wednesday February 13, 2019 06:43 AM

(Note: A new release is available)


The PayMaya Checkout WooCommerce plugin (v1.5.5) was updated! Here is the list of new features:


1 - Webhook Support


The plugin now properly supports webhooks! Webhooks provide a way for your WooCommerce web site to updated with the Checkout transaction whether it was successful or not via a backend channel. What it means that even if your customer closes the PayMaya Checkout page, your customer's cart will get updated with the proper payment status.



2 - Multi-currency Support


The previous releases of the plugin only support Philippine Peso (PHP). Now the plugin supports multiple currencies by following the WooCommerce currency setting.


Note: your PayMaya Payment Gateway API keys are bound to a currency setting. Selecting a currency in WooCommerce that is different from the API key currency will result in an API error.



3 - Webhook Logs


Webhooks are tricky because they happen in the backend. The plugin provides webhook logs to make it easier to debug your technical integration. You can access the logs by going to WooCommerce => Status => Logs.



How to Upgrade


Here are the steps to install and upgrade to the latest plugin


a) Download the latest plugin from Github


b) Extract the plugin archive and copy to your Wordpress plugins folder


Once you've downloaded the v.1.5.5 plugin archive, extract it and copy the folder "PayMaya-Checkout-WooCommerce-Plugin-1.5.5" to your WORDPRESS_FOLDER/wp-content/plugins.



c) Check your Wordpress Admin plugins page


You should be able to see the new plugin in the Wordpress admin plugins page.

If you have an existing installation of the plugin, deactivate the old one and activate the new one.


d) Configure and activate


Click the v1.5.5 plugin's Settings link then go to PayMaya Checkout payment gateway settings page. Configure with the correct API keys then press "Save changes." The plugin will automatically set the correct values for the webhook settings (success and failure URLs, webhook token).



Test API keys are available in the PayMaya Developers Portal test API keys and card numbers page: 


That's it! Drop us a message if you're having problems.