The PayMaya Checkout WooCommerce Plugin is Now Available
Posted by Diwa del Mundo, Ken Sia, Jaime Garcia • Wednesday February 28, 2018 07:29 AM

Note: The PayMaya Checkout WooCommerce Plug-in has been upgraded to support WooCommerce v3.


The PayMaya Payment Gateway team is proud to announce the availability of the Paymaya Checkout WooCommerce Plugin. The plugin allows you to easily integrate PayMaya Checkout into your WooCommerce web site. Once the plugin is installed, your WooCommerce can accept VISA and MasterCard payments with PayMaya Checkout.


To install, download the zip package below and copy the contents into a folder under wordpress-root-folder/wp-content/plugins/paymaya-checkout-gateway.


Once installed, you should see the PayMaya Checkout WooCommerce plugin in the plugin list:


WordPress plugin list


Click Settings -> PayMaya Checkout to configure. Make sure to copy your public-facing and secret API keys into the form and check the "Enable this payment gateway" option. Click Save. You can find test API keys here.


Checkout plugin config


If configured properly, you should see the Credit card via PayMaya Checkout option during WooCommerce checkout.

Customer checkout