Using PayMaya Checkout as a Shopify Payment Gateway
Posted by Diwa del Mundo, Brian Jefferson Tan • Wednesday August 29, 2018 05:31 AM

The PayMaya Checkout Shopify Payment Gateway allows you to accept VISA and MasterCard payments quickly and securely. The gateway extension does the integration to the PayMaya Checkout platform that provides a secure hosted payment page for your customers.


Installation is straightforward. Log in as the administrator of your Shopify store then go to the following link to install the PayMaya Checkout Shopify Payment Gateway.


Once installed, go to the Settings screen of your Shopify store.



In the Setting screen, go to the Payment Providers section.



In the Payment Providers section, configure PayMaya Checkout by clicking Edit.



The PayMaya Checkout configuration requires you to input your Public-facing and Shopify Token. Use the following credentials:



Public-facing API Key: pk-2N4WsQAbAbYTAptNEkVt4u1EeGFQY5zlnSe5QzIDGRr
Shopify Token: su53jUeeVDx2FVZN7


Make sure that the “Use test mode” is ticked. You can tick test mode off once you have your own production API key and Shopify Token. Click Save.




Once saved, go to your Shopify store and purchase an item. In the Shopify Checkout screen, PayMaya Checkout appears as a payment method. When you complete the order, the Shopify Checkout Payment Gateway redirects your customer from Shopify to the secured PayMaya Checkout payment page:




You can use the following test credit card number or any card from the PayMaya Developers Portal sandbox cards page.


Test Card Number: 5123 4567 8901 2346
Expiry Date: 05 / 19
Card Security Code: 111


PayMaya Checkout performs cardholder authentication (3-D Secure) to make sure your customers are protected and minimize fraud. When you see the simulated card holder page, leave all of the fields blank and click Submit. On a real transaction, the card issuer’s bank cardholder authentication page appears asking for a verification method like an OTP (one-time password) or password.


Once the cardholder authenticates, PayMaya Checkout processes the payment, and the customer gets redirected back to Shopify.


That's it! With a few clicks, your Shopify store is ready to accept VISA and MasterCard payments. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message.